Top Weird Fast Food Mashups You Must Try


Stay tuned to today’s show as we run down the list of weird fast food mash-ups that you must try.

Americans have several distinct identities, but what makes us unique when compared to other nations is our universal love for fast food. Now our favorite fast-food chains are trending on social media sites with their creation of weird food mash-ups that sound off-putting but taste heavenly. Over the last couple of years, fast food chains have combined foods that usually don’t go together to come up with interesting new dishes that seem to work.

Here we present you with a list of popular mash-ups that are doing the rounds right now.

1. Doritos Fully Loaded
Doritos fans are on cloud nine with this interesting combination. You needn’t look for dipping sauces when your Doritos come with cheese filled inside. It has debuted at the popular chain 7-Eleven.

2. Bisnut
The weird name has contributed in making this a national rage right now. The product, however, is not all that weird. It is a biscuit in the shape of a doughnut covered with sprinkles and a flood of icing.
food23. Doritos Locos Tacos
This is the first food that introduced the weird mash-up that we find today. Taco Bell introduced this dish way back in 2012 and it still continues to dominate the charts. It is basically a taco filled with Doritos in several flavors.

4. Bacon Shake
I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t love bacon. Now this is ingenious, combining the popular breakfast protein with a tall cool glass of milkshake. The combination of sweet-salty flavors is something that must be tasted to vouch for its awesomeness. Newer flavors are available now and the peanut butter bacon shake is smashing all records right now.

5. Pizza Cake
This is a dish that hasn’t hit the markets yet. This was the champion of the favorite pizza game changer’s game in Boston. Customers voted online for their favorite crazy food and pizza cake emerged victorious.

Let us know in the comments of other weird mash-up foods that you have tasted.

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