Reduce Your Stress With Your Thoughts

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In today’s episode, we presented listeners with a ten-second trick to overcome stress.

In today’s hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, we rarely come across a person who isn’t stressed. Stress takes a huge toll on the quality of your life. It affects the quality of your life and studies claim that stress is a major factor in determining your lifespan. So if you want to reach hundred, then throw away stress from your life. I can hear you saying, “Easier said than done”.

We present you with a simple way to reduce stress. You can lower your stress levels significantly just by thinking happy thoughts. Studies reveal that the brain cannot differentiate between a perceived threat and a real threat. Anthropologist Don Joseph Goewey in his new book claims that you can control stress within ten seconds with his new technique.

When you find yourself in a stressful situation he urges you to press an imaginary button in the center of your left palm. Imagine this button stops your negative thoughts and allows you to change track to happy thoughts. Take three deep breaths and relax. You now become stress-free.

Are you ready to try out this great new technique? Comment below to let us know if you believe in the power of the mind to tackle tough situations.