Learning To Love Your Body Regardless Of The Size


In today’s show, we debunk the myth that skinny is beauty.

With around one-third of Americans classified as fat, it is time to take a serious look at this issue of being fat that plagues our beloved nation. Almost all women would have at some point in their life wished for bodies of models who flaunt their looks on magazine covers. However, we here at Radio Zone tend to disagree. We do not believe that only those uber graceful bodies that look unnaturally brushed are the pinnacle of beauty and grace.

However, media has propagated the wrong notion that being skinny is the only way to remain beautiful. Those of you who tend to come up with the counter-argument that men prefer skinny lithe beauties, you are far from the truth. Studies reveal that men prefer women with curves and those who have fuller figures. The study further claimed that a fuller figure has a similar effect to drugs on men and an hourglass figure was universally acknowledged as most sexy.

fatNow coming to the scientific side of the research, a study by a team of scientists from Denmark reported that a curvy figure allows women to store adiponectin. This is a protein that is associated with lowering the risks of heart attacks.

So the next time someone berates you for being curvy, place these facts before them. And above all remove the notion that skinny is the best way to look beautiful from your minds.

Another argument that people put against being curvy is that it increases your BMI and makes you move toward an unhealthy lifestyle. However, BMI is not the ultimate tool as it fails to consider your bone density or muscle mass. This further proves that just because a person has a full figure with curves, it doesn’t mean that they are fat.

So stay healthy, don’t starve yourself and above all feel proud of your curves and flaunt them.

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