Summers – A Time For Reinventing And Introspection


In this show, we look into why summers are the ideal season for introspection and rejuvenation.

What does summer bring to your mind? Hours of sunshine, lazing out on the beach with a great fun beach read or cooped up inside the house with gallons of lemonade? Summer conjures different images for different people. However, studies reveal that summer is a great time to relax, reinvent and actually rediscover yourself. Here are some great ways that you can rejuvenate yourself this summer.

Say no to some Commitments:
It’s easy to get carried away with several engagements during the summer. What with school holidays, you may feel compelled to schedule various activities throughout the day to engage the kids. However, summer is the best time to say no to a few commitments. Take a break, don’t schedule each and every hour of the day. Instead, slow your pace and simply enjoy the season doing nothing. Actually, remaining idle is a great way to get your brain gears back in full force when you get back to work.

Start a New Hobby:
Summer is a great time to engage in a new hobby. Have you been planning to do something out of your routine but held back because of busy schedules? Summer is the ideal time to get started on a new hobby. Try to pick a hobby that has nothing to do with your career or work. Horse riding, knitting, learning to cook French cuisine, nothing is impossible. Get started.

Eat Healthy:
Summer is a great time to skip takeaways and prepare meals at home. With the entire household on break, you can engage your kids to help you in the kitchen. Try to include plenty of veggies in your meal. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated this season.

Prepare a Summer Bucket List:
Round up the kids and prepare a summer bucket list with each one contributing to the list. Then make it a family activity to cross off items on the list before the end of summer.

So enjoy this season and rediscover yourself.