Robot Babies Campaign Backfires It’s Purpose – A New Study


In today’s show, we report on the study of a recent study on robot babies and their efficacy in curbing teen pregnancy.

Do you remember those baby dolls that mimic the action of real babies? You would have come across them in life science classes at school. They were introduced in classes to prevent teens from getting pregnant. The idea behind it is that when teens handled these robot baby toys, they would get put off the idea of getting pregnant. These robot baby toys behave exactly like babies. They are programmed to imitate the action of real babies and require constant feeding, diaper changing, burping, rocking to stop their crying and so on. In some cases, the robot babies were seen to cry throughout the entire night just like real babies.

robot1However, a new study done by a group of around three thousand teenagers in Western Australia reported that these babies actually increased the rates of teen pregnancy rather than reducing it. The studies further concluded that since the kids who received the robot babies received attention from their parents and peers and sometimes were even offered help in taking care of the babies. This has something to do with reducing the negative impact of teen pregnancies.

However, RealityWorks, the manufacturer of these dolls indicated that they have proven effective and several schools have placed in orders for more of these dolls. They said that it was a common belief among students to think hard about parenting and the hardships and sacrifices it entails once they receive a robot baby. Also, the manufacturer claims that several educators prefer these babies so that students can get a hands-on experience with parenting.

However, the study claims that there are more than these robot toys that play a role in teen pregnancy rates.

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Longer Tweets Are Now Possible


In today’s episode, we report on a new change to the wildly popular micro-blogging site Twitter. Read on to be the first to hear of this rumored change.

Since its launch, Twitter has wildly grown in popularity. From A-List celebrities to regular Joes, you can get your five seconds of fame easily on Twitter. The number of users of this social media site has always been on the rise. The ever growing popularity of this site could be attributed to the format of its tweets and its restriction to 140 characters. However, this 140 character restriction has always been a handicap to the die-hard users who sometimes wish for more. They have overcome this restraint with the help of several third party websites.

New rules are in effect from today that increase the character limits in several cases. However, not all tweets can cross over the 140 character limit. The new rule states that while tweets are still restricted to 140 characters, what has changed is the elements that are added to this limit. According to a press release by the site, it stated that GIFs, animations, quoted tweets, photos do not contribute to this limit. This gives users the freedom to tweet using more characters in some cases.

By removing photos and animations from the character limit gives users an extra twenty-three characters to express themselves. This character limit could increase more in the case of quoted tweets. Twitter made developers aware of these changes a long time back on its blog. Also, Twitter made developers aware of other changes that are expected to be rolled out soon like plans to exclude handle names from the 140 character limit and so on. Follow the Twitter official blog to stay updated on future changes.

So are you ready to utilize these extra characters freed up in your Tweets? Let us know.