Learning To Love Your Body Regardless Of The Size


In today’s show, we debunk the myth that skinny is beauty.

With around one-third of Americans classified as fat, it is time to take a serious look at this issue of being fat that plagues our beloved nation. Almost all women would have at some point in their life wished for bodies of models who flaunt their looks on magazine covers. However, we here at Radio Zone tend to disagree. We do not believe that only those uber graceful bodies that look unnaturally brushed are the pinnacle of beauty and grace.

However, media has propagated the wrong notion that being skinny is the only way to remain beautiful. Those of you who tend to come up with the counter-argument that men prefer skinny lithe beauties, you are far from the truth. Studies reveal that men prefer women with curves and those who have fuller figures. The study further claimed that a fuller figure has a similar effect to drugs on men and an hourglass figure was universally acknowledged as most sexy.

fatNow coming to the scientific side of the research, a study by a team of scientists from Denmark reported that a curvy figure allows women to store adiponectin. This is a protein that is associated with lowering the risks of heart attacks.

So the next time someone berates you for being curvy, place these facts before them. And above all remove the notion that skinny is the best way to look beautiful from your minds.

Another argument that people put against being curvy is that it increases your BMI and makes you move toward an unhealthy lifestyle. However, BMI is not the ultimate tool as it fails to consider your bone density or muscle mass. This further proves that just because a person has a full figure with curves, it doesn’t mean that they are fat.

So stay healthy, don’t starve yourself and above all feel proud of your curves and flaunt them.

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Top Weird Fast Food Mashups You Must Try


Stay tuned to today’s show as we run down the list of weird fast food mash-ups that you must try.

Americans have several distinct identities, but what makes us unique when compared to other nations is our universal love for fast food. Now our favorite fast-food chains are trending on social media sites with their creation of weird food mash-ups that sound off-putting but taste heavenly. Over the last couple of years, fast food chains have combined foods that usually don’t go together to come up with interesting new dishes that seem to work.

Here we present you with a list of popular mash-ups that are doing the rounds right now.

1. Doritos Fully Loaded
Doritos fans are on cloud nine with this interesting combination. You needn’t look for dipping sauces when your Doritos come with cheese filled inside. It has debuted at the popular chain 7-Eleven.

2. Bisnut
The weird name has contributed in making this a national rage right now. The product, however, is not all that weird. It is a biscuit in the shape of a doughnut covered with sprinkles and a flood of icing.
food23. Doritos Locos Tacos
This is the first food that introduced the weird mash-up that we find today. Taco Bell introduced this dish way back in 2012 and it still continues to dominate the charts. It is basically a taco filled with Doritos in several flavors.

4. Bacon Shake
I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t love bacon. Now this is ingenious, combining the popular breakfast protein with a tall cool glass of milkshake. The combination of sweet-salty flavors is something that must be tasted to vouch for its awesomeness. Newer flavors are available now and the peanut butter bacon shake is smashing all records right now.

5. Pizza Cake
This is a dish that hasn’t hit the markets yet. This was the champion of the favorite pizza game changer’s game in Boston. Customers voted online for their favorite crazy food and pizza cake emerged victorious.

Let us know in the comments of other weird mash-up foods that you have tasted.

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Robot Babies Campaign Backfires It’s Purpose – A New Study


In today’s show, we report on the study of a recent study on robot babies and their efficacy in curbing teen pregnancy.

Do you remember those baby dolls that mimic the action of real babies? You would have come across them in life science classes at school. They were introduced in classes to prevent teens from getting pregnant. The idea behind it is that when teens handled these robot baby toys, they would get put off the idea of getting pregnant. These robot baby toys behave exactly like babies. They are programmed to imitate the action of real babies and require constant feeding, diaper changing, burping, rocking to stop their crying and so on. In some cases, the robot babies were seen to cry throughout the entire night just like real babies.

robot1However, a new study done by a group of around three thousand teenagers in Western Australia reported that these babies actually increased the rates of teen pregnancy rather than reducing it. The studies further concluded that since the kids who received the robot babies received attention from their parents and peers and sometimes were even offered help in taking care of the babies. This has something to do with reducing the negative impact of teen pregnancies.

However, RealityWorks, the manufacturer of these dolls indicated that they have proven effective and several schools have placed in orders for more of these dolls. They said that it was a common belief among students to think hard about parenting and the hardships and sacrifices it entails once they receive a robot baby. Also, the manufacturer claims that several educators prefer these babies so that students can get a hands-on experience with parenting.

However, the study claims that there are more than these robot toys that play a role in teen pregnancy rates.

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